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Sometimes it takes a whole tank of fuel to witness great adventures and experiences of a lifetime. Every time you are on the road with a helmet on chasing the scenic beauty of the alluring Himalayas around, you are falling in love deeper with your rides. If your happiness is a motorbike, a full tank, and a helmet is all you need. Oh wait, you need us too! Because no road is too long if you have good company and when two bikers ride on the twisty roads, exploring the unexplored that’s when the magic happens. Anybody can jump a motorbike but the actual trouble begins when you try to land it and exactly here, we make sure to land you safe with us. Letting you encounter an alluring side of India’s most beautiful place synonymous with heaven-Ladakh. Remember, when the Himalayan Road starts getting twisty, a biker knows they are on the right way. Did we just make you visualize yourself riding on the roads chasing the beauty around? If yes, this is exactly what we serve every biker with. Get the bags packed we are set with the motorbikes, hey biker what about you?

Welcome on-board riders! We are Asian Rides, an Indian motorcycle travel company preparing all your rides in the heart of the Himalayas- Ladakh, Bhutan, and Nepal. Being passionate riders ourselves over years riding from the high slopes up to the curvy roads down, we understand what a biker needs. We offer a duo of adventure and culture with every tour we plan. To discover the richness of landscapes and customs of every region across the way, we customize tours tailored as to your needs and demands. Adding a tint of exploring the traditions of every territory you ride; we primarily focus on the cultural immersion of our expeditions. We are a large pool of enthusiastic and experienced local guides to accompany you to the lavish accommodation, tourist spots, and local attractions. Riding while exploring the beauty around and getting to the people around, we ensure to make every ride a memorable one for you.

Meet the man behind the plan


A story less heard about the man with a passion for riding a motorcycle and a purpose to let the world experience the beauty around on a human adventure ride with lots of memories and surely a new perspective altogether. Dig in to know about our founder – Tsewang Dorjey’s riding journey and his dream company – Asian Rides.

When kids of his age were struggling with a cycle, Tsewang Dorjey was riding his motorcycle. Wandering across the roads transformed into chasing the roads by riding is a journey he’s lived by and is working hard to serve all other young bikers around to experience it once in their lifetime. A feeling that he experienced while riding by those mystic Himalayan mountains is exactly what he dreams of to make all his clients witness it too. Dorjey started his riding journey when he was too young and his passion just turned into a profession in 2019 when he started his own motorcycle adventure travel company. Giving his start-up a kickstart was the point when he got an opportunity to organize a tour for a company named Dental riders which were based in France. This project allowed him to face the actual hurdles and prepared him well to manage his role and responsibilities well.

With experience over vast years, he’s been planning tours and itineraries for his clients on the roads of Ladakh, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, etc letting them witness the true beauty of the Himalayas

To make sure his clients do not have to face any kind of hurdles, he tries every itinerary and tour in any destination planned. Dorjey without a doubt is relentless in his determination towards his work and motorbike adventures. All his past experiences have been full of life, learnings, and scenic beauty.

All tours and itineraries are prepared by Dorjey himself to ensure full safety and a lifetime experience for his clients. He has been serving most of his European clients and is successful enough to let them visit India again for their next motorcycle human adventure all over again. He has covered the mountains a million times riding his favorite companion and believes to deliver the best of his knowledge, experience, and services to his clients for an unforgettable journey on the roads across the alluring snow-covered mountains passing by your side.

Still in doubt about your next motorcycle ride? Fret not biker, you can now get in touch with the founder himself for all your ride-related queries. Gear up your gut, we are ready with fuelled-up motorcycles waiting to be accompanied by a biker like you.